About Us

We  were formed in response to the financial burden that can occur when meeting  the needs of older adults in North Carolina. We are a nonprofit and public service provider dedicated to making sure older adults and caregivers have the information and services they need to support themselves and family members as they age.

The Divinity of Love Assistant Living has three  major goals:

* To maximize free financial resources for aging adults and caregivers.

* To promote community awareness and investment around caregiver strain when caring for older adults.

* To develop a model system of supporting families with caring for loved ones. 

Our prayer is to receive donations that will allow us to serve others with the love of Christ, providing care to those that are financially  unable to hire private duty caregivers, to provide respite care, sitter services, and end of life support. 

We desire in the near future to provide this service all over the USA helping families everywhere.